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Austria, the birthplace of modern orthopedic, trauma and sports medicine

Furthermore, Austrian citizens are very enthusiastic sportsmen/sportswomen. Austrians are very active in alpine skiing, soccer, tennis, golf, motor sports. Every year more than ten million tourists from abroad are visiting Austria in winter for skiing. Austria also has a long history as a host of numerous major sports events (Olympic Winter Games, European Soccer Championship etc.). With all the fun this provides to millions of people the backside of the coin are more than 850.000 major injuries every year. No wonder that Austrian doctors have become worldwide leading experts in the field of sports, trauma and orthopedic medicine. Consequently, Austria has become the first choice for World champions, Olympic champions, famous politicians or famous artists from around the world for diagnosis, treatment and therapy of their orthopedic issues or injuries. Although it would be quite tempting to utilize the prominent names of their patients to promote their expertise, Austrian doctors are master of discretion and would never tell you the names of their famous patients. Only when the patients themselves are going public some of the success stories are hitting the news. Well known examples are those of the probably most famous tennis player of the century Steffi Graf or the captain of the Italian national soccer team Fabio Cannavaro who laid the destiny of their sports carrier into the hands of Austrian doctors and Austrian hospitals when they were facing severe injuries and their carriers were at significant risk. Both were rewarded with a quick and complete recovery which allowed them to continue their successful carriers. Not only famous athletes but also famous artists or politicians such as the President of the Republic Rumania Tarian Basescu have chosen to come to Austria for treating and curing their quite complicated injuries.

According to Prof. Dr. Rainer Kotz, Austria is leading in the field of hip and knee endoprothetic. This not only applies for the medical expertise in replacing joints but also applies for research and development of new prosthetic implants. It has been in Austria where the first cement-free endoprosthesis has been developed. A worldwide highly acknowledged quantum leap achieved by Prof. Kotz, a worldwide leading expert in the field of bone tumor surgery, was the development of a “growing” endoprosthesis for children. The so called Kotz prosthesis can be adjusted in length and thus can stay in the patient until grown-up. Despite the significant progress which has been achieved in the design of the endoprosthesis to prolong their lifetime, it is not only the material but also the expertise of the surgeon which determines the lifetime of a prosthetic implant. A critical success factor is the accuracy of the navigation during the implantation. A deviation of only three to four degrees can shorten the lifetime of the implant by 50%. That is why navigation training is one of the priorities in Prof. Kotz’s education of his students.

Nowadays, athletes and business people cannot afford long recovery periods or long lasting therapies, says Prof. Dr. Reinhard Weinstabl, also Head Physician of the Austrian Tennis Federation. With our new techniques, more and more severe injuries, which in former days have required major surgery, can be treated either without surgery at all or by applying minimal invasive techniques. The patients benefit from significantly reduced pain and remarkable shorter recovery time. Whenever possible we customize our therapy plan to best fit into our patients’ personal schedule in order to get them back to business or training as soon as possible. Prof. Weinstabl has refined minimal invasive surgery e.g. in anterior cruciate surgery of the knee or in Achilles tendon surgery thus he can apply these techniques in cases where conventional surgery is still state of the art. Furthermore Prof. Weinstabl has made repairing surfaces of joints an art. After the minimal invasive joint resurfacing, Prof. Weinstabl applies newest regenerative methodologies such as magnetic resonance therapy to facilitate the growth of cartilage and bone tissue. This allows him to still repair the surface of joints where otherwise joint replacement would be indicated.

Close and tight links between research, education and clinical experience have made Austrian doctors to worldwide trendsetters in prevention, therapy and minimal invasive surgery, says Prof. Gäbler. Prof. Gäbler, who was the Chief Medical Officer of the European soccer championship 2008, for instance, has developed a minimal invasive surgery technique to fix scaphoid fractures, a quite common injury. The new technique reduces the recovery time from 12 – 16 weeks to a couple of days. With more than 7000 minimal invasive knee operations performed, Prof. Gäbler is also a good example for the quite impressive level of practical experience of Austrian orthopedic surgeons. About 20% of his patients are people from abroad, which again proves the excellent reputation Austria enjoys worldwide for its highest level of medical quality.

These are only a few examples of major achievements of Austrian doctors in the field orthopedic, trauma and sports medicine. There are many more worldwide renowned Austrian experts in these fields who have remarkably contributed to the progress which has been achieved in these medical disciplines. Naming them all and talking about their contributions would fill a book and thus would be way beyond the limits of a newspaper article. Ongoing intensive research will ensure that Austria will maintain its leadership position in these areas for many more years to come.

Despite the excellent treatment patients receive in Austria, of course it is by far the better approach to avoid unnecessary injuries and health issues. We therefore have asked the three experts for their recommendations for a healthy and save life. All three of them made it very clear that sports activities done in the right way are an essential precondition for a long and healthy life. Under all circumstances heavy weight (Adipositas) has to be avoided. Overweight not only increases dramatically the risk for heart attack or stroke but also severely damages the whole skeleton and locomotive system. When performing sport, in order to avoid injuries it is vital to ensure that the body is well trained and the activities are performed in the right way. At the beginning training should therefore be supervised by a professional trainer. Sport, if not performed professionally, should be fun. Therefore one should be aware about his/her body condition and limits. The intensity of the activities should be carefully adjusted to the own body’s condition. Always use the optimal material. I.e. when running mostly on concrete surfaces make sure that your shoes have an elastic sole to absorb the beats. Consider to choose less dangerous sports disciplines such as cycling, cross training, running, tracking, nordic walking etc. In the case of tracking downhill tracking should be avoided as it stresses the joints about three times higher than uphill tracking. When symptoms of injuries are showing up, immediately see your doctor in order to avoid more serious injuries to develop. Just like it is common to bring a car to the workshop when hearing some strange noises, instead of waiting until the motor blows up.

About Premium Health Solutions – Austria

Premium Health Solutions Austria is an Austrian based incoming agency specialized on wellness, health and medical travel to Austria. Our specially trained and competent team will gladly assists you in finding the optimal treatment, the leading doctors and clinics for your health issue in Vienna and Austria. As solution provider we manage the entire process related to our health offers in all its aspects, tailored to our clients’ needs. Our cooperation with the Vienna Medical Chamber ensures our clients access to the highest standards of treatments as well as the leading doctors and clinics in Vienna and Austria. Our comprehensive range of services covers all health related topics such as Check-up, intensive care treatment and surgery, spa, rehabilitation, fertilization as well as wellness and beauty. Our tourism experts make sure that our clients and accompanying persons experience unmatched comfort and well-being during their stay in Austria.

While others send you abroad we receive you as our guest in our home country. As a result we are able to manage all aspects in respect to your visit to Austria at the highest quality level. This comprises for example:

  • Organisation of the right health service provider, optimal treatment, leading doctors and clinics in Vienna and Austria for all health related topics such as Check-up, intensive care treatment and surgery, spa, rehabilitation, fertilization as well as wellness and beauty tailored to your needs
  • Travel arrangements incl. visa application support, airport pick-up, etc.
  • Special program for accompanying persons (hotel, apartment, entertainment, etc.)
  • Native speaking 24 hrs/7 days VIP client support for the patient and accompanying family members



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  • Excellent response time and shortest waiting period
  • All-inclusive support for the patient and their whole family
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